Featured Visual.Tools from v0.6

Heres a super short overview of some of the tools that are available for you to use for free:

Percentage : https://visual.tools/blueprint/Percentage

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 23.43.09.png

Want to show percentages of people? Well this tool allows you to choose a number of people, and specify variable percentage groups. Enter a number of people that you want to visualise, choose one or more percentage group, with associated colour, and choose a randomised or linear layout.  And like the other tools, you can add a description and save the image.



How Much : https://visual.tools/blueprint/HowMuch

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 00.06.53.png

If you want to show the volume of something this tool could work for you. Specify the volume that you want to show, and hey presto – the volume is visualised.

Using the This Equals data modelling engine, you can automatically calculate volume from information about weight and density. If you move the sliders you will see how volume, density and mass are linked. To change the colour of the visualisation click the colour wheel or monkey faces to randomise the colour. There are other bits of functionality that you can discover by clicking around.


Money : https://visual.tools/blueprint/Money

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 00.11.41.png

This tool allows you to visualise amounts of money. In the control panel in the top right hand corner of the screen it is possible to select an amount of money, a currency and a note value.

The 3D image that is produced  can be navigated around with the computer mouse – it might make you seasick to start with, but you will likely get the hang of it quickly. When you have selected an amount of money, and currency, depicted in stacks of notes that you want to show and chosen a ‘camera perspective’ by using the computer mouse controls – it is possible to print the image by pressing the {print image} button also on the top right hand corner of the visualization window.


Particles : https://visual.tools/blueprint/Particle

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 00.16.16.png

This tool allow you to see particles in PPM / parts per million representation.

We have preset three particles – Nitrogen, Oxygen and C02 – You can change the numbers of these particles – shown as parts per million – the particles set at size 1 is relative to the size of the cube they are displayed in. The controls at the top right hand side of the screen allow you to change the animation type, remove the background image and add the cube depiction. You can add and name your own particles, choosing number, size and colour – and you can remove any particles from the display.


How Many : https://visual.tools/blueprint/HowMany

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 00.25.56.png

This tool allows you to show specific numbers of a certain thing.

Find the drop down menus to choose a thing, and select a number of things to be presented. You can randomise the colour, randomise the layout and give the image a text description. You can  remove the frame of reference, axis and description if you choose.

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